where is olivia

if you watch scandal then you know exactly what i’m talking about. tonight is the night we find out where olivia is and i can’t wait. if you’ve seen the trailer, abc has done a fabulous job of getting us fans to make sure we are home at 8 cst to watch this new episode or at least have our dvr set to record so we won’t miss a beat.

i don’t watch a lot of tv but when i see smart beautiful women, like kerry washington, with such a presence i tune in. did i also mention that i love her style. her professional looks on the show are ones we can emulate. she and the limited have teamed up for a fashion line. the looks are straight from the scandal’s set and ones that we can wear in our everyday life without the hefty price.

one thing i did learn is that her line excludes any handbags as she wants her character to remain true to the prada handbags she carries in the show; and speaking of handbags, don’t forget that stylebriefs and the style gathering will be at the birmingham, al saks location for a handbag fashion show this tuesday from 5 to 8. we would love to see you and show the hot trends in handbags.

the limited scandal collectionthe limited scandal collectionthe limited scandal collection


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