this product is da bomb!

aveda naturally straight

aveda naturally straight

i have naturally wavy hair, not the gisele kind but the frizzy kind. to top it off , this week has been super crazy. between our fabulous saks event to taking my daughter to see one direction to just the normal work week i haven’t known which way is up much less having time to dry my hair.

plus i hate drying my hair. i feel like it takes forever and i just don’t have that kind of time. however, i was introduced to this aveda product at my last hair appointment. i’m a skeptic at heart when it comes to hair products. i feel like a lot of products i’ve tried have made my hair greasy or weighed my hair down. so when it was recommended by my hairstylist i was hesitant. but this product is da bomb!

surely most of us are familiar with aveda products. they are known for their eco friendly products. their vision is connecting beauty, environment and well-being. but let me tell you a little about this product. the more you use it the more control you have without the frizz. i’m serious. i put a pearl sized drop in my hair and then comb it through. i dry my hair for literally two more minutes. now it doesn’t give me completely straight hair but it totally controls the frizz without leaving my hair feeling greasy.

i am believer. it has completely cut my drying time in half. if you are blessed with wavy hair, i recommend this product. it is a lifesaver. now, aveda hasn’t asked me talk about this product but if they would like to send me more of the smooth infusion, i’m happy to accept.

aveda naturally straight







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