jbrand is not just for your bottom

i’ve been a long time fan of jbrand jeans. they fit me well and i always feel a little cool wearing them. so when i was surfing the web the other day and saw this jacket i was intrigued. jbrand on top? who would have thought it. this week we are supposed to get a cool snap and i can’t think of a better way of celebrating a tease of fall with breaking out this jacket.

i’m imagining myself wearing this to work with a charcoal gray pencil skirt and them coming home and taking off the skirt and throwing on some black jeans for dinner out with friends. i always want more than one way to wear a piece, especially a piece which has a higher price point. i want to squeeze every single use that i can.


ps caroline and i have got some great treats coming up at the end of the month so stay tuned

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