brand news . . . kendall conrad

i have been captivated by kendall conrad’s self-named brand for a while now.  i posted a couple of her pieces here earlier in the year and my love just continues to grow with each passing season. let’s just start with the fact that her jewelry is the coolest in the biz if you ask me. and her handbags are everything — such gorgeous colors and luxurious details.  then she added footwear this spring and i just need her to stop because, seriously, it’s just too much to get my head around.  i think i want to be kendall conrad. everything she makes just oozes with “cool girl” chic that i just have to know:  what is the deal?  how could she be this cool??

rip + tan (jenny kayne’s amazing blog (if you arent following, you should)) gave me the detes i was craving. it turns out it is really not surprising that kendall is so cool.  she is the daughter of an artist and an interior decorator, who spent a childhood immersed in art, literature and much travel.  according to the los angeles times, she is a former model who used to split her time between Europe and LA (sigh) before settling in Santa Barbara to raise her children.  what all this means is that her coolness runs so deep that it is literally in her blood.

she started an accessories brand under the name tauro and pulled it back under her own name in 2007.  she couldn’t find a bag that she really liked and so she hooked up with a local saddle maker to design a bag for herself and soon all her friends had to have one, too.  vogue caught wind and quickly put it in their pages and, boom!  best seller.  literally, anything she makes is going to be a wardrobe work-horse and totally up your coolness quotient at the same time.

let me add that i am literally blown away by the level of service that attends a purchase from kendall conrad.  first, there is the matter of this thank you note that arrived with the earrings that i bought this spring.


i was blown away that someone had taken the time to write a handwritten, personal note.  and it made me feel like lauren would really be there for me.  and then i bought my sister some gorgeous stack rings for her birthday but my guess at her ring size was a bust.  when she called to arrange an exchange, she could not get over how extraordinarily nice and accommodating they were.

so, check out.  you won’t be disappointed!



kendall conrad at home. can you get over how cool gorgeous she AND her home is??


i bought my sister several of these stack rings and i have to admit that i covet them for myself.  they are so cool, it kills me.  i wish i had eight or nine of them like this chick does.


islero mirror hoops II. these are the hoops that i bought. they are my go-to, day-in-day out pair of earrings. i love them more with each passing day.


the gitana III clutch in rioja snakeskin is my favorite bag from the fall collection. it would be perfection with all my army green this fall.


i am still crazy for the pacha wrap sandal that i included in my what to wear right now . . .mid-summer edition post.


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