the slouchy sweater . . .

i’ve said it many times before now: this is the year of the sweater.  of course, the long grey, ribbed sweater is a sure bet.  but, because it is so iconic this season, it is sure to smack of fall 2014 by this time next year.  (don’t get me wrong . . . i am the proud owner of two different versions).  the ideal, really, is to find a classic and cool sweater in this year of sweaters that will be a memento.  a sweater you pull out year after year not because it smacks of 2014 but because it is looks great on you and with your jeans every single time.  if we can find that, we’ve got a winner right?

so, there is one sweater out there that i keep coming back to, that i have my eye on as the winner — the slouchy, off-white, loosely-woven ribbed-knit (ish) sweater.  you know the one!  the chunky, loose weave gives it a casual elegance and ensures that it will not disclose every lump and bump.  the off-white makes it spot on for this fall (and every fall?).  i can see this baby with your jeans (be they skinny or slouchy), a white flair- or circle-hem midi skit and booties, or with your white jeans and boots (swoon!).

below, i have hooked you up with a couple of spot on options that fall heavy on the “luxury” side of “affordable luxury.”  but they are all very solid choices that will assure top quality and great lines.  nlst and isabel marant are regular favorites of mine.  i recently became familiar with nili lotan during #nfw and was blown away by the spring 2015 collection.  i was delighted to see jcrew’s collaboration with nili lotan for a few sweaters for fall.  the jcrew/nili lotan take on the chunky weave white sweater this side of heaven.

for those of us who are really trying to have it all this fall, we, too, can squeeze this baby into the budget by opting for the jcrew brand’s super awesome version that comes in below $100 — a real steal.

i mean, seriously, never has there been a better reason to bust out your white jeans in fall than when this super-chic off-whitey comes into your life!  so, come on!  what are you waiting for?





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