i just love a product that makes me look like a million bucks when in reality i only feel like a few pennies

bobbi brown eye concealer duo

bobbi brown eye concealer duo

i’m a big fan of bobbi brown. i’ve been using her products for a long time. i almost feel like it is the clinque for grown ups.  it is such a classic look that i’m starting my own daughter on the line. but anyway, i was recently turned on to this concealer product. when it was first applied, i was shocked. i was coming off a night where i had only got a few hours of sleep but after this miracle was applied to under my eyes it looked like that i had just woken up from a wonderful night’s sleep.

here are some helpful pointers that were shared with me. first, always, always use eye cream before applying any under eye product. it makes it go on smoother and you are not pulling at one of the most gentle areas of the skin. second, put the corrector on with a brush. now you may need to use your finger to smooth it in. the third step is to put the under eye concealer with the same brush, again using your finger to gently smooth out any of the rough edges. the next step is to go ahead and put on your foundation or tinted moisturizer whichever you use to make it more blended. the last step is use the under eye powder that comes with the concealer to seal everything in.

i’ve been using this product now for ten days and i’m addicted. it makes me feel better about myself when i’ve had those restless nights and haven’t got much sleep.

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