brand news . . . uniqlo + j

i have been a fan of uniqlo for years now.  they are my “go-to” for bargain deals on puffer jackets for my kids and cashmere for myself. uniqlo’s long underwear, heattech, is a staple in my house for my children and myself when the temperatures dip into the 30s.

i first became familiar with uniqlo back in 2009 when they launched the curated collection, uniqlo + j.  one word:  sublime.  i drooled over the collection almost daily but never purchased — i was in the last trimester of pregnancy and did not want to insult my already fragile ego with a killer jacket that was sure to be too small in my regular size.

and then it vanished into thin air.  poof.  gone.  so, i thought i totally missed it.  no second chance.  and i was really sad.

then, when i least expected it – one of those facebook advertisement’s came through my feed.  there she was, the coat i had drooled over with the tag: “best of uniqlo + j – back by popular demand.”  yay! yay! yay!  this is our lucky day!!

who knows when it will ever be back?  this time, i am not waiting around!!  get ’em while they are hot!




uniqlo (+j) down shaped line puffer, $169. this, to me, is perfection. i am so crazy about the lines of this jacket! L.O.V.E!


uniqlo (+j) premium down light jacket, $149.90. this baby is a rockstar. it is shorter and more tailored than other puffer jackets. i can’t imagine anything cooler with jeans on the soccer field or at the high school football games on weekends.



uniqlo (+j) down short parka, $169.90. for when it gets super cold and you need to look super chic. the three-quarter length sleeve would look rockin’ with some longer leather gloves, a pencil skirt, opaque tights and some booties. practical + stylish in one gorgeous coat.


uniqlo (+J) slim wool dress, $89.90. this dress may not look like much, but don’t be fooled. the description reads “painstakingly cut to accentuate and flatter curves.” sold! i can’t wait to wear this with my cropped pants and jeans, not to mention my pleated midi-skirts. a real closet workhorse.


  1. Paige Green says

    These are so cute!! Also, how do you get the link for the top hooded navy coat….? I see it on the web site but I don’t know how to pull up it’s info……
    These will be perfect for freezing days at the beach in April! haha!
    love you!
    Great post:)

    • stylebriefs says

      Hey Paige!! Looks like Olive is the only color still available on line. The (+ j) collection is available in the New York and several other stores. The inventory at the 5th Avenue store is enormous. My suggestion would be to call the main line (1-877-4UNIQLO) and see if they can locate one for you in navy. Good luck!! Fingers crossed! And, hurry!! All colors were available on Sunday! They must be selling like hotcakes!!

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