my neighbor smells really good

i know that sounds weird but she really does. i finally had to ask her what was that wonderful smell. i expected her to tell me that it was some perfume that could only be found in new york. nope; it was her laundry detergent.

say what? so i had to try it for myself this detergent: diva glamorous wash. it has taken laundry to whole new level. doing laundry is now not so much the chore (folding is a different matter)

what was so funny was when i had friends over and they kept trying to figure out what smelled so good and couldn’t believe it either when i told them it was my laundry detergent.

so a helpful hint. diva detergent is kind of expensive and the scent can be overpowering if you use a full 1/3 cup like the directions suggest so i mix it with my scent free detergent so not only do i get just the right amount of scent my diva wash goes a little longer.

give it a try and let me know what you think.


tell us what you think!!!