honcho poncho

continuing caroline’s theme (see caped crusade) let’s talk ponchos. this is a very tricky clothing item and to be perfectly honest, i’m still trying to figure it out. in my head, i know that it could be the perfect item to throw on in the morning when

it is a little cool and you don’t want to wear a full on coat but in my heart i’m afraid that i will look like a tent. but i’m not going to give up. i think what i need to do is stay basic. if you get too funky then you are going to look like you are trying too hard. i’m also going to keep the price point low. whenever i try a new trend i find a knockoff until i’m sure i can commit to the look.

i’ve found a few that i’ve posted and i’ll let you know how i fare. in all honesty the one from revolve clothing may make me reconsider the lower price point but check out the one from zara below. it is da bomb.




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