iconic moments with oscar . . .



who could forget this iconic image of linda evangelista making her way down the oscar de la renta fall 1991 runway. if you were alive in 1991, you remember this image.  there is something so crazy wrong and, yet, something so right about every detail. . .



this vogue shoot followed shortly thereafter in the fall of 1991 . . . vogue knew what we knew . . . no one could get enough of the scottish highlands, tartan, oscar, or linda after oscar’s runway show. . . could you ever forget this image???


did your heart skip a beat when aleksandr petrovsky gave carrie this gorgeous confection and took her to the opening night of the metropolitan opera?  to say this one of the most memorable outfits carrie wore is definitely saying something.



this amazing and bold, black and white dress by oscar also played a role in defining the fairy-tale fantasy of carrie’s early romance with aleksander.  gorgeous and alluring, but not for everyday.


spring summer 2011 collection. i mean, for reals, this is just amazing. perhaps meant for the runway, but the drama, the femininity, the beauty. . . sigh . . .it fires up my brain and excites me just to see this image.



spring 2013 runway.  perfection.  word.


oh, yes, he did.  this is how oscar skyrocketed to fame.  and it is easy to see why.  this is possibly the best dress of jackie’s tenure in the white house. this dress is an icon of a moment in time, a place, an attitude.  this dress.

so, i hooked you up with some of my favorite oscar de la renta moments.  i’ve seen alot of tributes to oscar, with images of first ladies in inaugural balls and pictures of oscar with celebrities.  but i haven’t seen anyone pull together those breathtaking moments that oscar created . . . those images that took our collective breath away.  where you just had to stop for a moment and let it soak in. . .

i can’t claim to have ever owned an oscar de la renta dress for myself or to have enjoyed a warm, personal relationship with him, to be sure.  but, the passing of oscar de la renta has me feeling the same way i did when joan rivers passed just a few weeks ago: really weird and sad.   he, like joan, was so authentically original the creative force cannot be replaced.  there is no substitute.  everything else is imitation.  i had just mindlessly assumed he would be there, season after season, making jaw-droppingly gorgeous dresses.  exalting feminine and ladylike.  exuding refined perfection.  i mean, really.

rest in peace, oscar.  you served us well.


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