i had a coat

the year was 1996. it was a beautiful white coat, just the right weight and a great coat to throw over a cocktail dress or even a pair of jeans and i wore it all of the time. south alabama was experiencing one of its coldest days ever, the kind that even my northern brethern would say “dang its cold”

one of my dear friends was getting married and we all gathered to celebrate. because it was so unexpectedly cold, heaters were brought in to the reception. unfortunately yours truly got a little too close and well you know, a friend was screaming “drop and roll” and there went the coat. i’ve been on a search ever since.

i feel like the goldilocks and the three bears. coats i’ve tried have been too heavy, too short, too white. seriously it is just a coat. here is what i’ve learned on my search for  its replacement. clothes are just things; yes, i really did love that coat but what i love even more are my friends and the memories we made that day. but…just in case i’ve posted a few white coats below that may just fit the bill.



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