fuzzy wuzzy was a bear

or in this case, my fur vest. a few years ago i got turned onto the fur vest. it is the perfect layering piece here in alabama. when the weather starts to turn a little cool i can throw one over a shirt to keep the cold at bay and when the temp drops even more i throw it over a heavier sweater.

i also love the fur vest because i can change it up. i wear it with a pair of blue jeans for a casual saturday. i wear it with a pair of pants when i’m heading to work and i even wear it with a dress when i’m hitting the town. it is so versatile!

i’ve posted a few from one of my favorite brands, jocelyn. i like this brand because the price point of the vest is not too bad. don’t get me wrong, it is a nice piece but one i think you will find that that the price per wear is minimal.  it also is seriously the softest thing you will wear and don’t be surprised if some stranger comes up to you and starts petting you. i’ve also posted a few vests from other lines at a lower price point.



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