i love a cute bootie

no, not that kind although after 844 pure barre classes that bootie looks pretty good too. i’m talking about the wedge bootie. i’ve been on the hunt for the perfect bootie and i also promised a friend that i would be on the lookout for one that i thought would fit her needs too.  i didn’t think it was going to be that hard. i mean, it’s a boot, but this has been a several year process. some i’ve tried have been too high of a wedge and then we have the whole comfort factor. i’m really hard on shoes so they have to be able to stand up to some wear and tear.

i’ve think i found one in the dv by dolce vita. the minute i tried it on it fit like a glove and i’ve worn it a few times and it’s held up well. plus the arch isn’t too high; i don’t feel like i’m walking on my tip toes. so next time you see me in my wedges, go ahead and compliment me on my cute bootie.




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