friends make the world go round…so let’s celebrate them

i don’t know about yall, but i couldn’t get through most of my days without my friends. i’m blessed to be surrounded by a wonderful group of friends who have laughed and cried with me, so at Christmas, i want to celebrate them. here are just a few ideas to show your friends just how much they mean.

nars illuminator is fabulous. i throw it on when i’m trying to look a little “brighter” after work but i don’t have time to get it all together. i rub a little into my cheeks and around up near my brow bone and no one is the wiser that i’ve put in a long day at the office. this truly is a gift that your friends might not buy for themselves but once they’ve tried it they will keep coming back for more.



i love the chanel rouge allure lipstick. a friend gifted me with this one year and it was so unexpected and such a treat and each time i pulled it out to wear, i thought about our friendship and it immediately brought a smile to my face.




to be honest, i’m not the biggest bath person, but caroline gave this to me for my birthday last year and it can turn any shower person into a bath person. almost every one of my friends do not take the time to relax to recharge their batteries and this gift says, “it’s ok to spend a little time by yourself”.


so raise your hands if you wear sweat pants to bed. i know, it is easy to do, especially when it is so cold outside. i’ve been fortunate that my mom loves pretty nightgowns and i inherited that love but unfortunately i get really cold in the winter so the two sometimes don’t mix. but i found these not too long ago and i can’t say enough about love and grace pjs. they combine the pretty factor and the comfort factor so everyone is happy. it is a great gift for your friend who loves to spend a rainy sunday curled up with a good book.

ok so yall know how much i love pure barre. it truly is a stress reliever and it gives me time to visit with caroline and catch up on our day. so what about a pure barre gift certificate? i’m always encouraging my friends to give it a try and promise they won’t be sorry. why not give them a nudge in the right direction and plus what a great way to start the holidays on the right foot.

pure barre gift certificate



caroline and i are just getting started on your xmas list and there will be plenty more as we get closer to the 25th so stay tuned



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