what to get the woman who has everything…yep your mom

i don’t know about yall but my mom is hard to buy for but over the years i’ve hit a few home runs and i thought i might share some of my gift ideas. first, my mom doesn’t want a lot of “stuff” but i love buying her things she wouldn’t buy her self either because she thinks it is a luxury or i’m trying to get her out of her comfort zone. so…let’s begin.

to this day my mom says this is one of her favorite gifts (my dad’s too). she loves that it takes the chill off her on those cold damp days and is just like security blanket (a really nice one).



this rosewater that caroline posted about here. would be a great gift for the woman that is hard to buy for. i love the idea of giving her something that will make her feel younger because goodness knows after raising me there might be a few gray hairs that she has fondly named after me.


what mother wouldn’t love a picture of her grandchildren; now put one in a beautiful frame. this sterling silver frame is a keepsake and one she will cherish. if you don’t want to spend that much money, i’ve created the picture journal at my local camera store and my mom loves it. i’ve chosen a theme and picked pictures to fit the theme. a great gift and an even better price and plus you get points for creativity.


i’ve given mom flavored olive oils to cook with or even just drizzle on a simple salad. she doesn’t want another cook book or another kitchen gadget but she is a great cook and this is something that is so simple but is so welcomed. it isn’t something she would normally buy herself which makes the gift even more special.

one more, i love the pono necklaces by joan goodman. yall know that i use statement necklaces to change up an outfit entirely and i’ve found that the pono necklaces by joan goodman is a classic with a twist. they get my mom out of her everyday look without making her feel too uncomfortable and she tells me every time she wears one she gets compliments. these necklaces can be found locally at shop etc jewelry and i know if you were interested then the ladies would be happy to help and can ship.



and ps merry xmas mom


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