Ahh, The Elusive Teenage Girl Gift Guide

i am so grateful for my daughter, she tells me exactly what she wants for Christmas. she does allow me to throw in a few “surprises” but for the teenage girl in your life here is your road map with a range of prices.

taylor swift’s new album 1989. if you are an adult you are either a fan of tay tay or you are OMG if i have to hear her sing one more song about her imaginary boyfriend then…but as a teenage girl you are infatuated and this is a must christmas gift. the song that is getting all the play is blank space.  a great stocking stuffer. just don’t tell spotify.

Taylor Swift 1989


kari kampakis is a local author and she has recently released the book the ten ultimate truths girls should know. it is a must read for teen age girls and mothers alike. it is a down to earth read of how we can all be kinder to each other and what really should matter.  i honestly wish this book had been around when i was a teenager. it is a book that if our girls read and adopt these “truths’ our world would be a much happier place without all the drama. also if the mommas would read it, there would be less drama in our own lives. my daughter already has this fabulous book but i plan on buying it for my niece.

kari kampakis ten ultimate truths


i also love these sweet as honey personalized scripture cards that are  for the special person in your life. i admit i gave these last year to my daughter. she keeps them by her bed and every morning she turns off her alarm and then picks the next card. it is a daily reminder on how God is thinking about us everyday. i have them at work myself and before i turn on my computer i pull my own personalized card and it sets the tone for the day. while i’ve posted these under teenage gifts check out the website, jennifer kline has developed scripture cards in seven different categories.


last year it took an act of congress to get my daughter out of bed, this year she sets her alarm to make sure she is up in time to get “it”just right for school. so i thought a curling iron would be a great idea to help her get “it” just right and btw they have come a long way since we were using them. i promise you will make the teenage girl in your life one happy little girl if she finds this under the tree.


Conair Ceramic Curling Iron


i love rebecca minkoff and so does my daughter. unfortunately she recently took my purse and i haven’t seen it since so i thought for christmas i would buy her one of her own with the hope that i mine returns because i really miss it..

Rebecca Minkoff Mini 5 Zipper Handbag


so we are just getting started for the season. the elves, caroline and i, are busy making this christmas season one of your easiest ever with ideas for gifts for your friends and family alike.










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