holiday gift guide . . . for the woman in need of pampering (you)

below, i have hooked you up with some indulgences for the woman who does it all and never stops.  the woman who keeps up with everything and remembers where everyone put stuff and when everyone’s events are and makes sure we all have winter coats and tennis shoes and things such as these that fit.  the woman who coordinates all the christmas gifts for both families and remembers to get all the nieces and nephews and aunts and uncles and teachers and neighbors their gifts.  for the woman who remembers to take the christmas card photo and order the cards and address the cards and stamp the cards and mail the cards.  for the woman who gets dinner on the table during the week and gets the kids to bed.  for the woman who does the laundry and straightens up and fills, runs, and then empties the dishwasher.

simply, for the woman who does it all.

that’s you, right???  i mean, come on. are you kidding me???

here’s hoping you score the indulgence you deserve this holiday season.  but, as i am quite sure you know by now, sometimes you just have to make things happen.  we can’t click “forward” for you.  whether it is this email or one from someone else, when you find that thing you want for christmas, we give you permission to forward it to your significant other and simply say “this would make a great christmas gift!!!!”

fingers crossed!



tiffany-t-square-bracelet-gold-stylebriefs-holiday-gift-guidetiffany t square bracelet in gold.  a single one of these on your wrist = perfection with just about everything from your bathing suit to your sunday suit to your birthday suit (oh snap!).  it’s time.  classic jewelry is never a mistake.


jimmy choo riley suede tote in ink.  i don’t know when i have come across a more beautiful and practical bag.  if you came to our saks event you know that i am truly ca-razy about this bag!!!  not sure that the picture does it justice.  quite simply the best bag for fall, for now and for the foreseeable future.  this bag looks great with jeans.  this bag looks great with your sunday clothes.  this bag looks great with everything.  it makes you more sophisticated just in the carrying of it.  it goes with black, tan and everything in between.  you need this bag.  I need this bag.



jo malone red roses cologne.  since medieval days, red roses have been the symbol of love, longing, and desire.  and if you’ve ever stuck your nose to the center of red rose, you know why.  it’s primal.  there is nothing more elegant (or loin stirring) than this single note fragrance by jo malone.

j-brand-aiah-biker-jacket-stylebriefs-holiday-gift-guidej brand aiah biker jacket.  come on, you need this.  really, we all need this.  look no further.  this is the perfect biker jacket.  word.  it hits all the right notes and all the right places.  the leather is to die for.  you can dress it up and i don’t have to tell you that you can dress it down.  and, are you ever going to buy this for yourself? probably not.  let your hubby/boyfriend/parent treat you this time.  it’s the perfect christmas gift.


mini silk slip by olatz.  with all that you do, you really, really deserve to feel beautiful.  every time you slip into this (wonder where the name came from?), you will feel beautiful — whether you are wearing it under your clothing or simply to bed at night.  it comes in a million colors — your favorite is there, too.  and, you know you won’t indulge yourself with this on the average weekday but you will never, ever regret having this slip.



hermès 32 mm reversible leather belt kit with black/tan belt strip and gold plated buckle.  because this never goes out of style.  because it retains its value.  because it goes with everything.  isn’t it time you had a nice belt instead of a million trendy ones?


tell us what you think!!!