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my name is caroline and i am a blowout addict. . . . it did not take long.  i was hooked, really, after the very first time.  and my addiction just grew and grew . . . everytime i went to get in the shower i thought about how much better life would be with a blowout.  until, blowouts ended up taking all of my money and then i just had to stop the craziness.

feel me??

this is not me, below, but this how good my hair looked when i got a blow out . . .


and, this is how i feel it looks when i try to do it myself . . .


that was UNTIL . . . i discovered drybar‘s happy hour weightless shampoo and conditioner and marie claire’s 6 step guide to your best blowout.


this shampoo/conditioner combo (buy it here) is crazy amazing and specifically created to help you create a great blowout at home – and one that lasts longer (thank you!).  according to drybar (and i kind of feel like they would know), a great blowout starts with really clean hair, free of product buildup.  the happy hour shampoo is free of sulfates (oh, snap! it works with my karaten treatment!!), parabens, and phthalates.  it is weightless so that your hair is free to be subject to only those blowout products that are going to make your hair a rockstar.  liberating!

marie claire‘s 6 step guide has some fantastic advice on exactly how and where to start and how to do all the things that make the blowout work by a professional. . . the things that you feel like you are paying attention to when you get a professional blowout but, yet, really, you didn’t ever pick up on.  and, marie claire totally hooks you up with some fantastic styling products.

so, cheers to happy hour and marie claire!!  you can thank me later!!

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images courtesy of marie claire, pinterest and sephora.


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