what do you buy your dad?

this is a really hard one. i really have to put on my thinking cap for this one but i think you will like these suggestions for the dad in your life.

1) any type of grill accessory: we were laughing over the thanksgiving holiday that my dad loved to cook my sister and i “tube steak” every sunday after church. luckily for him our palate has grown and with that his desire for fancier toys to go with his grill. and if your dad has a big green egg then this is even easier because all you have to do is close your eyes and point at one of their accessories and you will be a hit. here are just a couple of my favorites.



2)steak: see above. to go with said grill accessory why not a gift certificate to their favorite butcher or if you are going to see your dad over the christmas holidays then bring a very nice piece of meat and put it in the freezer for him to enjoy during all the new year’s games.

3) seasoning for said meat: do you see a pattern? a friend of mine turned me on to dizzy pig barbeque seasonings last year and i gave some to my dad and he loved it. they have all kinds of flavors depending on his spice level and with fabulous names such as shakin the tree and bayou-ish.

4) a book  from the alabama booksmith: i’ve talked about the booksmith before. every single book in their store is signed by the author. every single one! also they ship all over and are so willing to suggest a title depending on your dad’s taste. also they have the signed first editions club. each month your dad will receive a chosen book autographed and something he will think of you every time he turns open that first page.

5) a homemade photo album: sometimes it is the simplest things that are the easiest. i don’t know who has more fun with this gift; me who goes through lots of pictures putting together the album or my dad who loves reminiscing  about all of the pictures.

6) ice chest holder by wk southern wood: this is the coolest gift yet. you give the dimensions of your cooler and it is custom built for your cooler to sit inside the chest at table height. priceis 200.00. what a fabulous gift. your dad will think that you are so clever and your mom will be grateful that huge blue cooler  that’s been sitting in the back yard is hidden by this classic chest holder. contact bill kraus at 251-510-9824 for more information

wk southern wood

wk southern wood




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