Teenage Girl Gift Guide Part Deux

ok so i’ve had requests to post more ideas for the teenage girl in your life. it is hard because we are trying to keep them young when all they want to do is go ahead and grow up. don’t you just want to shake them and say “i promise you will look back and want to go back when you were younger” but i digress. here are a few more ideas…

beats speaker by dr.dre: these are really cool. wireless speakers that have a great speaker quality. plus i love the little carrying case that it comes with and who can pass on the pink. adorbs!

Beats Pill Portable Speaker

eno: there is nothing better than sitting in a hammock with a good book or hanging. we take so little time to slow down that this is a way to encourage your daughter just to go chill (without an electronic device). go ahead and get two that way you can hang together.

eno hammock

clarisonic face cleanser: i can’t harp enough about the need for good habits in the face cleaning department. if we can start these habits at a young age they will be that much easier when they get older.the style gathering recommended this yesterday and i think it is a great gift for all ages.

Clarsonic cleanser


the lokai bracelet: according to my sources this one of the new hot items. it is a clear bracelet with a black ball at one end and a white ball at the other. the bracelet is infused with elements sourced from the highest and lowest points on earth. the white ball, carrying water from mt. everest, and the black ball, holding mud from the dead sea, exist on opposite ends.

Lokai Bracelet

naked palette by urban decay no.2: this has an assortment of neutral colors so they have plenty to choose from but they won’t look too done because the colors are neutral

Naked 2 Urban Decay Palette

two more quick ones:

itunes gift card: how many times do you get an email from itunes with a 1.99 charge for the latest one direction song. this will take care of that (for at least a bit)

lunch out: i know you are going what? but a lot of the time what our daughters really want is time just with momma. they may not admit it but if you take them out for a special lunch, just the two of you, i bet you learn a whole lot more than you would asking how their day went at night.

i hope this helps with one of the most difficult categories in my opinion.




  1. kimpcole says

    These suggestions are perfect! The hammock idea may sound strange – but it was the first thing my daughter bought when she arrived at college (who knew everyone lounges in hammocks at college these days? lol)… The Clarisonic was on her wishlist this year & iTunes cards have been stocking stuffers at our house for years. Will have to look into the Lokai bracelet!!

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