the office party dilemna

we’ve all been there either as the spouse of the employee or the employee herself and wondering what to wear to the annual xmas party. when i’m trying to decide what to wear to an office function, the movie picture perfect with jennifer anniston comes to mind. now hear me out. in one of the scenes, jennifer anniston’s boss tells her to dress for the job you want and not the one you have; truer words could not be spoken when talking about the office xmas party.   there is no reason to dress like you are going honky tonking. because who knows if you dress like you are then you might get your wish.

it’s hard, i know, because it is such a festive time of year and you want to dress up but dressing in holiday style for an office function can be fun and still be respectful of your coworkers. my favorite “go to” look is my leather pants with a tuxedo blazer (see last week’s post) or a silk blouse with a statement necklace. i’m covered up but my leather pants make me feel hip.

my other outfit option is a straight pencil skirt with a touch of lace. again, i’m covered up but still feel good about myself. i’ve posted a few pictures of ideas for what to wear to the office party. i love each one of these looks because i know i look like i’m going to a xmas party and not just the office xmas party and if my dad was there i wouldn’t be embarrassed for him to see the way i’m dressed.



vince leather pants




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