put your game face on

i love game night with my family, i find that it helps open the lines of communication because there are no distractions. who wants to text when you are trying to beat dad. make it interesting. the person that wins doesn’t have to make their bed for a week. your kids will be begging you to pull out the monopoly board.  it truly brings a family together with an activity that all can enjoy.

i love game night with my friends. we have a group of friends that get together every now and then pull out the old game board. do you go to parties and the men are in one room and the women are in the other; well game night brings everyone together in the same room. plus there is nothing like seeing your friend’s competitive spirit come out and you might find that you learn something new about your friend. (see the newly wed game)

so, i’ve picked out a few of my favorites. all of these are age appropriate for 10 and up. the holidays would be a great time to start a new tradition. after you’ve had enough ham and turkey, order out pizza, gather everyone around and see what happens when the games come out.






tell us what you think!!!