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caroline’s post yesterday hit the ball out of the park. caroline has lots of great traits but one of the main things that I admire about her is that she doesn’t feel the need for a “quick fix” but holds out for that perfect item. you know what i mean and we’ve all done it, probably more times than we care to admit. you are having a bad day at work or at home and just hitting that “order now” button on your computer gives you a rush but go look in your closet right now…go on…and see how many of those “quick fixes” are you wearing regularly. i admit it those quick fixes don’t find a lot of room in my clothing rotation but the items that i’ve saved for get seen out in public quite a few times a year and yet i never get tired of them.

so my  item of the day is the white blouse. you might remember when i suggested that we k.i.s.s. and suggested the white blouse paired with a skirt or a pair of  jeans. i love that look so I went looking into my closet to find my favorite white blouses and the one that i keep coming back to is this one. my taste has evolved. i used to be a cotton poplin kind of girl but in the last few years i’ve turned toward a silk blouse. i like to think that it is because i’m not as stiff as i used to be but i would just be kidding myself.

my favorite blouse and the one that continues to stand the test of time is this one from equipment. to be honest i’ve got a couple because while one is at the dry cleaners I need to make sure that there is a back up. I also know that i can count on it when i’m looking into my closet and can’t find anything to wear. i throw it on and wear with everything and i promise you that the public won’t think why is she wearing that blouse again but wow, she’s got great taste.

i’ve worn this blouse with jeans, skirts and even shorts. it literally takes me through all year long. there are other blouses at other price points but i’ve found that this blouse holds up well and doesn’t break the bank. now let me tell you that this blouse may not be the one for you which is why i’m showing a few different options. you need to be aware of where does the blouse open up at the neck, is it too high, too low? how does it fit at the bottom. does it look just as good tucked in as it does out? when caroline was talking about good lines and quality pieces that also means how it fits on you and what makes you feel good.

so try the equipment blouse but if you don’t like that one then try this one, this one or this one. it’s a new year so lets start off on the right foot by looking into your closet and seeing how we can k.i.s.s.



alice and olivia white blouse

alice and olivia white blouse



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