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before you peace out on me because you think runway picts are to fashion what a double shot of espresso is to a regular cup of coffee (too strong), hold up!  you totally, totally have to check these picts out. . .  the row released it’s pre-fall 2015 collection yesterday and it. is. amazing.  under ordinary circumstances, it takes me about two to three months to find the genius in mary kate and ashley’s the row.  but I do.  come around, that is.  i always eventually think they are pure genius.

but pre-fall collection released yesterday had me at hello. this is where it is at my friends. . . this collection makes me so excited about fashion and totally stimulated about possibilities!

why?  because everyone can cut a fabulous silhouette in these clothes – you don’t have to be a stick and six feet tall to look fab in these looks.  not that anyone could just run out and buy a closet full of the row – BUT these are the silhouettes that will diffuse into the clothing lines we can afford.

and, i totally agree with you: this chick seriously needs to wash her hair.  but the clothes?  sigh.  love!!  enjoy!



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