beauty bits . . . the clean cleanse


have i mentioned that i am way into “less” and so done with “more”? or that i have a holiday hangover??  or that i am ready to cleanse and purge???  well . . . the s%@t’s about to get real:

shortly, i will be starting the clean program’s 21-day cleanse.  (available here).  boom!

and, really, it’s time.  it’s time to put away the pastry.  it’s time to put away the scones.  and the rolls.  and the alcohol.  and the coffee.  it’s time . . .to hit re-set button.

actually, every year for the past four years, shortly after i put away the christmas decorations and get my house back in order and get my kids back to school and start re-claiming a little order in my life, i have done the clean cleanse.  last year, i doubled down and did it for 42 days (6 weeks).

the truth is, it feels great.  so great that i have come to count on it.  it’s great to know that i will get back to sleeping well.  and losing the holiday weight.  and having my skin glow.   and my clothes fit.

and i promise i am not being a smug narcissist when i tell you the clean cleanse is pretty easy to do – IF there is nothing else going on in your life.  i have tried a mini cleanse in the summer, but vacations and beach cocktails and vacation eating, etc., always get in the way of my intentions.  but january – what else is going on in january?? exactly nothing.  at least not for me.  and there is the added incentive of spring break – i am always working toward that swimsuit goal this time of year.  and mentally, i am there after the excess of the holidays.  i am ready to deprive myself of so much indulgence!

i (for real) never feel hungry on the clean cleanse.  maybe there is organic, grass-fed crack in the enzyme and probiotics supplements you take with each meal.  who knows??  whatever it is — it works.  in fact, i kind of get really sad to be off the cleanse each year.  [insert sad kitty cat emoticon here]

so, here’s the drill: you get two shakes a day – one for breakfast and one for dinner and you have a regular lunch (except there is a list of things to avoid).  the shakes are not to be feared – they are a protein powder that you can doll up with any number of fruits, nut butters, cocoa, coconut water, coconut milk, etc.: they give you a billion recipes to make the shakes interesting and delicious. plus, no caffeine, alcohol, bread, sugar, fried foods, starchy grains, red meat, pork, or fresh water fish.  for me, that means something like a salad with grilled chicken for lunch – easy enough.  and, you can snack if you need to — they give you a long list of recipes and ideas for things to make or to have handy in case you need to snack.  almonds and apples become my best friends this time every year.

they also give you crazy good support — once, i emailed them the menu from zoe’s to my clean “coach” seeking advice for what to order for the inevitable majority of days at work when zoe’s is the only viable lunch option.  and they called me back (at a set time) to discuss what the best lunch options would be for me over the cleanse.  no lie.

the clean program’s cookbook, clean eats, is good.  gwyneth’s it’s all good is better.  it has workable and delish ideas for your daily meal.  (in the perfect world, i make things from these cookbooks for dinner for my family at night and pack my lunch for the next day.  that happens about 1 in every 4 nights.  but still.).

and, yes, this is the cleanse that gwyneth did years ago.  gywnnie has her own cleanse/detox now (check the goop annual detox here).

but, if you crave clean eating and you bristle at the thought of a 21-day no alcohol or caffeine cleanse, head over to heather brown’s today and enter for a chance to win a one year dinner subscription to emeals.

buffy york hooks us up with the detes on the clarisonic brush — a fabulous way to aid your body’s natural detox — at  

and, amy lemley bailey serves up the how-to on oil pulling, a natural way to clean your teeth and deepen your detox, at  i am pretty sure i read somewhere that gwynnie is all about the oil-pull. dy-ing to learn!

regardless of your health and beauty routine, here’s hoping 2015 is an extraordinary year full of health and blessings for you!!!



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