sienna, jenna, and gwynna . . .

yo, wassup?  loved martha’s recap this am.  I am traveling for work today but had to add my two cents on the globes.  for me, there were three hands down winners, a bunch of meh, and a lot of misses.

the winners?

sienna miller was for me the tippy tippy top.  the carpet didn’t seem to do as much justice as the shots from the stage when she presented.  a crystal embroidered confection from miu miu with illusion in-sets and a deep plunging front, the dress was spectacular. add the hair and make-up (by my fave charlotte tilbury) – and she killed it!!



this.  wow!  seriously, never been a fan of jenna dewayne tatum before last night.  but this?  shut. it. down.  yellow on a brunette always has me at hello.  but, omg, this is just beyond . . . her hair and make-up are amaze-balls.  it just hits all the right notes . . .


sorry to to all the haters, gwynnie killed it last night. she slipped past me on the red carpet but the orchid color, the plunge, the hair???  you can hate all day but the girl’s got game.  in a room full of movie stars, i think i saw gwyneth . . .


other thoughts:  off night for jennifer anniston . . . tired of seeing reese witherspoon squeeze into too small dresses . . .ain’t feeling rosamund: wrong dress,wrong night – should have saved this one for five months post partum . . . kiera’s chanel riff on old dutch masters is a classic example of the emperior’s new clothes: don’t care if Karl did have 30 people work around the clock, it’s a costume. . . juliana margoles – soooo close to a sandra bullock moment.  every detail: perfection.  except . . . the hair. the june cleaver do overshot classic and landed flat in the middle in matronly.  no! no! soooo close to perfect!

i may be miles away this week, but just like martha, i’ll be glued to the FP premier tonight, not just to see the re-cap, but to see if kathy g and brad g can gee haw with kelly and guiliana.  really hopeful FP will make it.  RIP joan.




  1. catherine james says

    love your recap!! totally agree that Sienna was the HIT and her gown is so delicious and decadent. gotta say that Gywnnie just looks ridiculous. i think she’s too old for that bubble gum color. her hair is too 70s. i like her so i’m not out to hate her. just don’t like her choices last night. in awe of Sienna (and always have been). love your blog!

    • Support says

      Catherine, good point on Gwynnie! I like her in pink and purple because it sets her complexion off but i TOTALLY get the too old call!! Thanks sooooo much for following!! Tell your friends!!! xoxo cg and @stylebriefs

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