i have a reading nook


my reading nook with my elizabeth joyce blanket

yall know i love to read. in the winter there is nothing better than snuggling in my nook with my warm blanket and a good book. now in all honesty, i like the lighter side of books; may be because i read enough “heavy” material  in law school and continue to at work, plus with the news today there is nothing wrong with some escapism. but just know you won’t find aristotle or the history of the french revolution on this list.

leaving time by jodi picoult

i know several of yall have read her other books but this was my first book and man did i pick a doozy. it has been on the nyt best sellers list and one of amazon’s best sellers. this is a page turner from the very beginning and i promise you will never believe the ending.

each character gets their own chapter and the development of each is amazing. the emotions that you will feel from the beginning to the end will have you up late at night getting to the next page just because you can’t wait to see what happens. i was lucky enough that this was my first picoult novel and i can’t wait to read another one.

big little lies by liam moriaty

yall remember when i recommended the husband’s secret this summer. this is the same author and another page turner. i promise when reading this book the three main characters will all remind you of someone that you know and like leaving time there is an OMG twist at the end.

three women who all have children at the same preschool; the PTA super mom whose older daughter prefers her divorced dad; the beautiful mom who is married to the wealthy business man who have the perfect twins and the single mother who is a little out of place. add a little murder and suspense and you got one page turner.

saving grace by jane green

it’s been a while since i read jane green but i needed another book in the line up and this one looks good. a well known literary couple but when ted with his mood swings starts to crumble it becomes up to grace, who has her own secrets, to pick up the literal house of cards that has become to fall. it has been getting rave reviews

this is one that i look forward to reading soon.





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