your closet could go on a diet



we’ve been talking about a new year and the hangover from all of the holiday excess so it got me thinking about the excess in my closet. as caroline said the other day less is more so i wanted to let yall know how i get rid of the excess weight in my closet. i use an online consignment shop, thredup and i have loved it. thredup started when the founder didn’t have room in his nyc apartment to keep clothes that he didn’t need or wear anymore but no solution…hence the birth of thredup.

but first let me tell me what my goals are when i consign my clothes. first by the time i’m ready to consign i’m ready to let go of the clothes so while the money is nice that’s not my motivating factor. second, i don’t want the clothes back if they don’t sell but with thredup they have an option where if the item doesn’t sell they will donate it to charity. third, the ease of consigning is the most important factor. with thredup it couldn’t be easier. i sign into my account and order a bag which is then delivered to my house. after i fill the bag i simply take it to a fedex drop off or the post office and they take care of the rest. as clothes sell you can cashout and money will be transferred to your paypal account or you can shop on their site.

now this isn’t for everyone. your goals may be different than mine so you have to determine what is best for you but i’ve found that this is easiest for me from an ease and time factor and still gives me a little pocket money.

let me end by mentioning some other options just in case thredup isn’t for you: twice; threadflip, luxury garage sale.

here in birmingham we have little lavender which used to be solely children’s clothes but has recently started taking women’s clothing as well. little lavender has an online website as well as a store front. the point is there are lots of ways to lose the excess in your closet with little effort.




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    love this Martha! i just signed up for thredup! i’ve had bags of clothes to consign in my trunk for ages and believe it or not, it’s easier to throw them in a UPS bag then deal with in person time at the e-drop off store here in Chicago. thank you for sharing this!

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