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my first love, even before fashion, is interior design. . .  everyone who is a shelter magazine junkie, raise your hand.  k.  i think you can see my point.  and, i have been itching to bring a smidge of design up in here.  so, i have shamelessly, shamelessly stolen the title “fabulous room friday” from one of my favorite, favorite blogs, la dolce vita by interior designer paloma contraras (you really should be following – her blog is amaze-balls).  then, i changed it up only as much as i feel like my high school english teacher would require to avoid a plagiarism challenge (she was a really laid back chick). introducing my new column “#frf”.  what do you think?  too close??? of course, the best thing i could do here is come up with my own fantastic title.  but i am drawing a blank.  how about you???  got any ideas?  (if you have a title that i can totally steal, dm me!!).

today, i thought i would start with my new favorite design firm, carrier and company, helmed by Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller, a husband wife design duo.   perhaps carrier and company is the best place to start for this column because their work has not only been featured in all the major shelter magazines — which is a tremendous accomplishment in its own right — but their homes have also been featured in Vogue and W and they seem to be the design darling of the fashion set — including anna wintour, editor of vogue, fashion designer jason wu, and jay fieldon, editor of town & country.

what i love about carrier and company is that each of the homes they have decorated is so different.  it goes without saying that the rooms are all well designed.  but, in flipping through their portfolio, you quickly realize that Jesse and Mara’s calling card is personality of the person and the place.  that is, you can actually see both the personality of the homeowner and the place in which the home sits in the interior decor.  and what incredible personalities they have had to work with!

below, i have hooked you up with arguably my favorite room by carrier and company — though, if pushed, i would totally get conflicted because there are just so many crazy good rooms.  this is the main public space of the cooper’s neck, long island beach house of catie marron, former features editor of vogue.  the home was featured a couple of years ago in vogue (to view a .pdf of the here).

so, what is so super fab about this room?  everything, really.  blue and white is my favo-favo-favorite color combo.  but the use of ochre along with the blue and white, set against the clean white back drop and natural fiber rug is just beach house perfection, am i right??? the room is a little old fashion and a little cool and cutting edge at the same time.  i love the modern plaster chandelier with the traditional upholstery pieces and blue and white delftware.  the room looks curated rather than decorated. and that is a home run in my book.  love!  [insert heart eyes kitty cat emoticon here].

check out carrier and company’s portfolio for yourself here  it will leave you wanting more and asking when their book will be out . . . . enjoy!





photos courtesy of carrier and company


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    I love Jesse and Mara’s work. I hate being the copywriting police – but Anna Wintour’s last name is Wintour, not Winter. Thought you might like to know you misspelled it.

    Nice blog post BTW!

    • WordPress.com Support says

      Yes! Great catch! Autuspell is a complete b$@#h!! It sometime changes things without your notice thinking you must of meant something different! I am going to edit it right away!!!


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