i just can’t do it

i was enjoying my favorite xmas gift, the weekend edition of the wsj (thanks mom and dad) and saw this article that stripes are making a comeback. no no no! how can this be? don’t they know that women don’t wear stripes for fear that it will make them hippy. now you’ll recall that caroline already told/warned us of this trend. see here and here. however in my never ending quest to stay on top of it i did a little homework to see if my fear of stripes had diminished because let’s be honest the hips haven’t diminished over time.

here is what i found out: 1) wide stripes just aren’t going to do it for me. i know i sound a bit irrational but i see this dress  and just cringe. i mean if olivia wilde can’t pull it off how am i supposed to?

2) so i started poking around and found that thin stripes work for me. now it has to be on top; i still can’t wear a horizontal stripe skirt like this:

3)less is more. i think with any trend one should dip your toes in before diving head first unless you are absolutely sure about it. since i’m not completely sold i think i may try this blouse or these pumps because sometimes it’s easier to try a trend on your feet or even an accessory like this wallet. the point i’m trying to make my “i just can’t do it”  turn into a “maybe i can” if i’m willing to give it a shot




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    I just bought a striped skirt from old navy. Not to try and stay on trend, but because I thought it was cute for $8! (Pic on my FB page). Honestly, I thought stripes have always been big and I love them! I agree with you on the wide stripes though! I stay away!


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