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okay.  whew!  i am just going to go ahead and get it out there. . . and i know what you are thinking even before you peace out on this post.  i get it.  it’s totally normal to think i have completely lost my mind on this. but, srsly. . .  i really do think it is a thing. . .

mercury is in retrograde today.


i am not a superstitious person.  and, i am a christian.  none of these things have to do with mercury in retrograde.

so yesterday morning when i got to the gym and started my daily download to martha (she is so patient with me!), i started with “it’s like there was a force preventing me from getting to the gym this morning.”  among other things, i had noticed as i was leaving for the gym that my husband had left his car lights on.  so, i stopped and went in and got his keys so i could turn them off.  but, his car would not let me turn the lights off.  i wasted, like, 10 minutes trying to get the d@#m lights off! i finally gave up and headed to the gym.

then, when i got home from the gym and we got my husband’s car taken care of and all that craziness ended, i was in the middle of getting ready when the electricity went out.  what???  then i remembered getting the postcard last week advising of “service interruption” today.  f! and, i was supposed to start my cleanse but now i could not use the blender because no electricity.  then, wait . . . f! f! f!!!!  how am i going to get my car out of the garage without electricity to raise the door????  ugh!

and then . . . i said to myself, “i bet mercury is going into retrograde.”  and then i googled it.  and guess what?  mercury IS going into retrograde . . . TODAY!!!  and that means the strongest pull was yesterday.  i KNEW it!!!!

so what does “mercury in retrograde” actually mean? well, it is a phenomenon where mercury (the red planet) appears to move backwards in its station.  wait, what?  so, if you looked at the sky every night and tracked the planets and stars, you would notice that, because of the earth’s axis around the sun, the planets in the sky move “stations” (places?)  ever so slightly from east to west every night. and mercury usually appears to be in forward motion (if you tracked it). but, the earth moves faster than mercury (or is it slower??).  so, there is a period of time when mercury appears to be moving backward (if you tracked it – staring at it tonight, it will not appear to be moving!!). like when you are driving in the far left lane and you start to pass a slower moving car on the right and, for a few seconds there, the other car seems like it is moving backward — but it isn’t, it just isn’t going as fast as you are???*  it’s like that.  you with me?

so, if you believe that the gravitational pull of the moon can move the waves of the ocean, it is not a far leap to believe that this sitch with mercury could be a drag on the earth’s circuit — and, thus, our circuitry.  it is pretty commonly believed (see recent articles here and here) that this pull causes things like electronics and travel to screw up.  flights get cancelled.  the reservation got lost.  the electricity goes out.  you forget to put the caraffe under the coffee filter before pressing “on.”  the alarm doesn’t go off.  you know, all those little annoyances of life that are really no big deal but can drive you up the wall!!

also, it is supposed to be a time of miscommunication.  you aren’t supposed to start new projects or sign contracts or do anything new during this period (if you actually think it’s a thing).  they say to wait until mercury is “direct.”  use the time instead, they say, for reflection and research.  you will have a clearer head once the phase has passed.

how long does this last?  well, about three to four weeks.  and, the strongest pull, as i mentioned, is usually at the beginning and the end.  and, also, this happens about three times a year.  i really only notice every now and then (like when i have a day like yesterday). to be sure, i just don’t have time to plan my life around mercury (can i get a high five on that???).  so, i never plan for it.  it just happens.  but, i do always feel some weird comfort in knowing that there is something afoot and that it will pass.  you can now call me crazy.

but, if you are like me and you now have to know just a little bit more, check here and here for the DL.  until february 11th rolls around and mercury turns direct, here’s hoping your travel and electronics run according to plan!



 *pretty sure some english teacher and my mother told me never to begin a sentence with “like when.”


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    I did more thinking and I remembered I had a major printing issue at work that day!! I usually don’t have issues, but I tried to print my show TWICE and not one page came out of the printer. Mercury in Retrograde..who can keep calm?!!

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