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st. paul and the broken bones

st. paul and the broken bones

i’m a huge fan of st. paul and the broken bones; maybe it’s because my formative years were spent at a school in south alabama by the same name or maybe it’s because the band is always so well dressed. in any event i’m begging you to go check them out. you can see them here or here or download their album here then pour yourself a glass of wine and sit by the fire and enjoy.

but besides their powerful vocals they always look like they could leave the stage and head straight to a party without skipping a beat; so i started thinking… i love a well dressed man. i don’t want something too funky; i’m a classic kind of gal with a twist. put a man into a pair of well fitting slacks, a nice blazer and a simple button down and i’m sold. i don’t even mind changing the jeans for the slacks as long as there are simple; no designs on the butt or no holes in the crotch; and please do not wear a floral shirt unless you are in hawaii and even then…

here are a few of my favorite st. paul and the broken down looks. the word that keeps coming back to me is natty; these guys are debonair. you won’t see lead singer paul janeaway without a pocket square; and more than the half the band are wearing ties during a set looking elegant and dapper. cheers to this band that brings good style to their looks and their music.








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