kate’s closet . . .

can you even imagine what kate moss’s closet must look like?  thanks to british vogue, we no longer have to wonder. they hooked us up with photos of what it looks like to have the best closet, like, ever.  i’ve teased out my favorite shots below (all from her closet) but you can fetch the full story, released yesterday, with plenty of fantastic photos of Kate’s home, here.




“My handbags are arranged by: black vintage, black daytime, bling evening, Chanel, colourful daytime and, lastly, simple clutches.. I usually carry a classic Louis Vuitton bowling bag.”


“My wardrobe is brimming with Louboutins – the classic black Pigalle stiletto in patent or matt black leather is my go-to shoe. I have so many pairs that Christian designed a style with a sharper toe and nail-thin heel, which he named the So Kate.”


“Sunglasses are for playing dress-up. I collect anything from the original Ray-Ban shapes through to Seventies Aviators or Eighties mask shades.”


all photos by michael trow



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