the basics . . . the black turtleneck sweater

omg, are you already bored???  hold up.   seriously, y’all, it’s really time to do the “grown up” closet.  and not the “i’m still trying to make it at my first job” closet.  part of that is bearing up under the complete boredom of investing in quality basics.  because, let’s face it: it is soooooooooooo much more interesting and exciting to buy a colorful “spring coat” or handbag right now, am i right?

but, there are much greater dividends to be had in the quality basics sector.  promise.  you never, ever regret investing in the highest quality basics you can afford.  this is not license to throw caution to the wind and start buying things you cannot afford simply because they are “basics.”  but, as when buying antiques and furniture, because of their enduring nature, you serve yourself to buy the best you can afford, and leave the poorer quality, cheaper pieces to those that have a high rate of turnover, i.e., trendy pieces.

enter the black turtleneck sweater.  you really need this gal, and a quality one, in your closet.  she can take you through any sitch you can dream up in the fall, winter, and early spring.  she looks great with jeans, she looks great with slacks, she makes your winter coats look more chic and stylish just in the peak we see above the collar.

my absolute favorite is ann mashburn’s cashmere boyfriend version, available here.  the cashmere is sturdy yet supple, it does not pill easily or attract lint (two great ways to tell you just bought really cheap cashmere or wool), the proportions are great, hitting below the hip bone to give that casual edge but tailored through the shoulders so as not to appear sloppy.  (i feel strongly that you are going to want this piece to be modestly slouchy — you are getting into a whole different territory when the turleneck gets snug).   gucci, equipment, and victoria beckham each have fantastic options available here, here, and here.

you must maintain your investment.  washing in cold water actually strengthens the cashmere fibers (just make sure you are washing in cold water and laying flat to dry).  the laundress totally hooks you up with their wool & cashmere shampoo (which includes a how-to on the back of the bottle) available here.

below: a super sweet scroll of the love affair between the style icon and the black turtleneck, plus a couple of modern-day streetstyle picts to keep it fresh.  enjoy!



kate . . .black-turtleneck-sweater-streetstyle-kate-moss-stylebriefs

jackie . . . black-turtleneck-sweater-streetstyle-jacqueline-kennedy-stylebriefs

audrey . . .black-turtleneck-sweater-streetstyle-audrey-hepburn-stylebriefs



daria . . .Black-turtleneck-sweater-streetstyle-stylebriefs-daria-werbowy

 ali . . .Black-turtleneck-sweater-streetstyle-stylebriefs-ali-macgraw

marilyn . . . Black-turtleneck-sweater-streetstyle-stylebriefs-marilyn-monroe


kate . . .Black-turtleneck-sweater-streetstyle-stylebriefs-kate-moss

elin kling . . . (follow her blog here)Black-turtleneck-sweater-streetstyle-stylebriefs-elin-kling



olivia palermo . . .Black-turtleneck-sweater-streetstyle-stylebriefs-olivia-palermo


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