super bowl party part uno…

super bowl commercial bingo

just a few days from the big game. this year i really don’t have a dog in the fight but i’m excited about seeing the commercials, especially if they are all like this. (which by the way makes me tear up every time) so how can i make the game more interesting if all i really care about are the commercials. what about a little super bowl commercial bingo. check this out. Essentially, each card has a list of categories and sponsors and the first to fill up a row etc… wins! a game that both adults and kids alike can play.

now the always classic one buy a square; again another easy game to assemble and one everyone can play. this one does require you to watch the game or at least know what the score is after each quarter but you also have a chance to win a little money to buy some of the classics caroline has been telling us about.

so lets talk about food; because i’m not martha stewart, i’m not going to give you some elaborate recipe to try. for real who has time for that?  plus it has to appeal to all ages, so just a few simple ideas and we let also throw out there; paper plates people! we want to set up and then throw it all away. no dishes to wash.

i’m all about the food bar. let’s talk nacho bar. i love this idea. cook some ground beef; grab some tortilla chips and any other toppings such as black beans, jalapenos, shredded lettuce; black olives; line them up on your counter and let your guests dig in.

the hamburger bar; again so simple; cook some hamburgers (or even hotdogs); grab accompiants from the classic cheese to the surprising guacamole. let your imagination go and just lay it out there.

make your own pizza. again, like the hamburger bar, you can go the classic mozzarella and pepperoni to feta and prosciutto . one helpful hint. before putting in the oven; grab a permanent marker and label your oven tray with a number and give your guest a number so you will know which pizza belongs to who.

tomorrow, i’ll have a few more ideas but on the libations side.



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