i really didn’t want to cry during the superbowl


seriously, i thought since i really didn’t have a dog in the fight that there wouldn’t be any tears but nope; the ad agencies made sure that it would be a two box night. it’s a shame that kleenex didn’t get in on the act. they could have made a fortune… so here how the commercials ranked in my book by the boxes of tissues needed

1) nissan; cats in the cradle. if i had known they were all going to be like this i would have turned on beaches


2) toyota; they didn’t want to be outdone by nissan so they did a father/daughter one. my goodness it got me

3) coca cola make it happy; oh my that little boy sitting on the bus

4) budwesier, the lost dog. we already talked it but it’s worth talking about it again. if it didn’t make you want to pick up a bud and a little puppy then i’m not sure what will.

5) microsoft,  a little boy learning to walk with prosthetic legs. there isn’t much else to say

6) mcdonalds; now i’ll do a happy dance or even hug the dude in line for some french fries

the point is that clearly all these guys went to the same seminar where they learned that tears sell; now lets see if they are right. by the way there were about five more i could have posted but i’ve run out of kleenex.



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