i see a vest



yall know i love vince and their spring line has me drooling. vince embodies what i’m always looking for, that classic look that i can also up the ante when the occasion calls for it. every vince piece that i own has lasting power and there are some pieces that i still wear many many many years later. the one piece that i still kick myself for not buying is the vince    leather pencil skirt. i kept thinking that it would be there the next year and i would be ready.  alas, when i was finally ready to take the plunge they didn’t have it this year. lesson learned. classics will never go out of style and next time i’ll bite the bullet and go for it and skip another purchase.

ok sorry, totally digressed. this year i love this cashmere vest by vince. i’m already picturing it with my white jeans and t-shirt and the vest will help keep away a spring chill. but i’m even picturing it with a pair of shorts and wedges. finally what about paired with a maxi dress. i’m not sure about the proportions of that look and will definitely need to add some height with my shoes to help even the lengths out. but i’m even going to wear this vest now; instead of a t-shirt, switch it to a long sleeve top or even a light sweater so it’s not just hanging in your closet looking sad and lonely until you pull it out.



ps did your team win? what about the commercials? there were some doozies.

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