seriously, the most comfortable shoe evah!!


run right now to your local shoe store or go straight to your computer and google: bettye muller wedges. i’m serious these are the most comfortable shoes i’ve ever worn in the spring and summer.

i know what you are thinking; hello?! martha it’s 20 degrees outside and you want us to think about summer shoes? in a word: yes! it’s hard for me to think about it too and don’t think my feet will go a round or two with my clarisonic pedi before i venture out to try my shoe on.

i first found these shoes a couple of years ago and wore them so much i thought they were going to meld to my feet. alas they eventually bit the dust but oh did i get my money out of them. i tried some imitations to see if i could recapture the magic but no go. so when i started hearing rumblings that my shoe was coming back i was like “oh be still my heart; don’t tease me”. i’m happy to report they are back. now, don’t get me wrong, i love my stuart weitzman wedges but i need an edge and the bettye muller download wedge gives it to me. you will wear this shoe every single day when the weather gets warmer.

i’m serious, go buy it now!!



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