step into suede

now i’ve talked about my leather pants and if you haven’t bought a pair, well that’s your issue but i’m going to keep wearing mine for a few more months and who knows maybe even into the summer. but let’s talk about suede. i know that you might be saying;  martha? i thought we were trying to channel spring and not revert to winter (which almost all of us are still suffering through).

suede does equal spring.(and btw i’m not the only one; see this october 2014 article from instyle here) the trick is to get a light weight suede in a pastel color. i have a suede jacket that meets that definition and i pull it out about the last two weeks of february and keep wearing it til mid may. i wear it to work with a pencil skirt and on the weekend with a pair of blue jeans. below i’ve posted a few pictures of some suede items you might want to think about and give a try. i think you’ll find that it is really versatile and an item that remains a mainstay in your closet.



ps i know i got carried away with the pics but options people; options

tell us what you think!!!