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at least once each week, when i roll out of bed in the morning and take a peak in the mirror i say the same thing, “WTF???”  and then, i say “the eyes need to chill.”  i remember observing my mother with weird curiosity as a child when she would wake up with super puffy eyes and reach for the blue gel, Lone Ranger mask that she always kept in the butter keeper on the door of our almond-colored, freezer-on-top refrigerator (“back in the day”).  i just remember thinking it was the craziest thing.  and now, it’s, like, MY thing.  ugh!  staving off aging takes nerves. of. steel.

enter skyn iceland hydro cool firming eye gels.  they are to the blue gel mask what the iPhone is to my prized princess touch tone: lightyears ahead.  whew!  lucky us!  now all you have to do is slap a couple of these babies on while you are making breakfast in the morning and boom! puffiness:  gone!  fine lines and wrinkles:  gone!  dark circles:  gone!  oh yeah!

how so?  skyn iceland hydro cool firming eye gels give the eye area an immediate, super-charged boost of  “highly potent actives and icelandic glacial water to firm, tone, brighten and reduce the appearance of puffiness and wrinkles.  eyes are revived, soothed and rejuvenated.”  they have things like elastin, coQ-10, ginkgo biloba, and other seed oils, etc., that pack a powerful punch.  (that your children will observe you with weird fascination and write about it decades later is the subject of another post).

do they work?  don’t take my word for it. . .  skyn iceland hydro cool firming eye gels are the darling of the fashion set and all the morning tv talk shows.  rachel zoe swears by them (she underwent a skin transformation a couple of years ago so i sort of feel like she is in the zone right now).  they have become ubiquitous at fashion week for all the models who stay out too late, drink too much, and have to do, like, 100 fashion shows a day for a month.  gwynnie has even featured them among her super favorite skin care picks (see them here).

exciting news!  because we hate the thought of your puffy eyes, we are giving away a FREE one month supply of skyn iceland hydro cool firming eye gels (8 gels, one pair/week for 4 weeks)!!!  Just subscribe to receive this blog via email (including clicking the link in the confirming email to activate your subscription)!  It’s that easy!!  Yay!!!

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