emerson fry | cool spring collection

last week, emerson fry released their “cool spring collection” and it’s cause for celebration. whew! just when we were all getting bored with our black sweaters and dark jeans!!! hip, hip, hooray!

as you might have figured out by now, emerson fry is my favorite, foolproof solution to looking chic on a daily basis without breaking the bank. (check my post on the fall collection here). as i type this, i am sporting the drop-sleeved double-faced top and luxe crewneck from the fall/winter 2014 collection (find them here and here) . . .  that i have probably worn, like, 100 times since purchasing last fall.  i can’t tell you how many times i have put them both through the wash and they still look fantastic. though the pieces are not exactly cheap, the quality of fabrics and workmanship suggests a product more expensive than the price tag.  that rarely happens in fashion, am i right?  and the styling and cut of the pieces reveals a skill that is a cut above — everything manages to be flattering — and that takes talent.

while it is still way cold for truly spring pieces, this collection re-stocks the recently emptied cauffers at emerson fry with a lighter color palette that better suits the psychology of late february through march.  pale chalk, ash, and grays don’t “rush the season” but provide a gentle transition from winter to spring that are sure to be seasonal wardrobe workhorses.

below, i have hooked you up with my favorite pieces but there are many more . . . be sure to check the full collection here.













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