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La Chasse Aux Papillons

la chasse aux papillons my signature scent

i know, i know, love is in the air but that sounds so corny (raise your hand if you are tired of all the valentine hoo ha). but in an effort to get in the spirit let’s talk about perfume. behind chocolate and flowers, perfume is one of the top selling gifts to give on valentines day but it can be very personal and political. at my office there are a couple of culprits who apparently looked at the bottle and thought they should bathe in their perfume or cologne which led to complaints to hr which led to policies about perfume/cologne. i thought we should just give everyone a smell allowance so the offending parties wouldn’t be dropping a quarter in the perfume dispenser in the gas station bathroom before they came to work but that didn’t fly.

i personally love perfume and cologne. i love walking into a room and knowing exactly who it is just by the smell. for example, my dad has been wearing the same cologne for as long as i remember but it gives me comfort every time i’m with him. i’ve been wearing the same perfume myself for ten years and one of the secretaries in my office gives me a hug every day and tells me that she just loves the way that i smell. brings a smile to my face. my friend marci has a signature scent and i just love when she walks into a room because she literally lights it up and i think her scent has a part in it (not to mention her sweet personality).

so what brought about all this mushiness when i just told you that valentines is not my cup of tea; well my sweet dad sent me a recent article from the wall street journal that just discussed this same topic and i thought it timely. so here are a few rules that terry de gunzburg, fragrance designer suggests. first for the office or when you are out running errands go for a clean floral scent. floral scents such as white lillies, rose or jasmine work well for dates but stay away from gardenias for that first impression. you want the focus on you and not your odor. i’ll add one more. i like keep staying with the same scent so i go for one that can work in a number of  environoment without being overpowering. but it takes practice.

white gardenia petals by illuminum for the office or running errands

white gardenia petals by illuminum for the office or running errands

white flowers eau de parfum by yosh for a night out

white flowers eau de parfum by yosh for a night out

i love lucky scent, a website for hard to find perfume. when i first found my signature perfume i was in new york and was unable to find it in alabama so i had to do some research and came across this site. but here is why i recommend it for you: you can purchase samples. i know when i get a wild hair and want to try and shake things up i buy a few samples and see if i can find a new scent to put in the rotation without having to commit to buying a very expensive bottle. wear it for a few days to see if it sticks and then decide if you are ready to go full bottle. don’t stress about it, all good things come to those that wait and finding your scent will take patience.



here’s to smelling like a rose

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