fashion week update 1

it’s safe to say the best it yet to come for the fall/winter 2015 fashion week collections but i thought i’d hit you up with a super quick scroll of everything newsworthy that has happened so far.


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frame denim has captured the top spot in the blogosphere for this super seventies redux.  i love it.  and i also think it looks a lot like the gucci spring 2015 collection (which looks more like a winter collection than a spring collection if you ask me).

jason wu gave an utterly expected but still amazing collection of ladylike winter perfection.  nothing exactly exciting except that each piece was beautiful and perfect.


tomas maier is often one of my very favorites and i’ll have to be honest: i had a tough time scratching up anything besides this one black jumpsuit and a pair of shoes that i truly love.  everything else was kind of meh.  but this shoe??  i am totally digging it!!


yeezy thought he was going to wow us all with his creative talents in fashion.  not so.  this is what i call a whole lot of nothing.  what is this? nothing.  it is a bunch of nothing.  word.


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