i wear a halo

if you ask my family and friends they would tell you more like devil ears but the halo i’m talking about is the black halo line of dresses. i’ve been a fan for a long time. i find i can take their dresses from work to cocktail with the change of a shoe or a necklace. i also can wear my dresses all year long with a little layering.

this past weekend, i was in a pickle. i didn’t think i was going to be able to go to mardi gras but when work comittments cleared up i had to find something to wear to an afternoon cocktail party and fast. i started thinking and voila it came to me. let’s go back to the old faithful…the black halo dress. i posted a picture of me in the dress here. got lots of compliments and now i’m going to take it to the office with a black blazer. when it gets warmer, i’ll exchange the black blazer for a white blazer for the office and just wear bare for non work events.

just a couple of helpful hints. order two sizes. to be honest i have and sometimes one size fits and the next time another size does even though my weight hasn’t changed. (i know that’s frustrating but you want a comfortable fit; just take the tag out so you won’t know what size it is) also, this dress calls for spanx. most of their dresses are cotton with a touch of lycra which just begs for spanx. third, my suggestion is to start with the jackie o sheath dress. just as the name implies it is classic and it comes in a rainbow of colors. finally, this dress in an investment but i promise i’m still wearing the first black halo dress i bought for this same party five years ago. as caroline and i have preached, quality is worth the investment.



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