the basics: the camel handbag

there can be no argument that a camel leather handbag is a basic in any well developed closet.  so, you have one?  me either.  i know, i know.  what are we thinking?  the perfect daytime companion for anything you are wearing.  seasonless.  makes you looks 10 times chicer just in carrying it.  again, why don’t we have one?

here’s my reason and it is not a good one:  i’ve been waiting until i can buy a really good one.  and, that kind of makes me sad.  so, i have decided to invest in the best camel bag i can afford right now. in doing so, i am foregoing all the trendy other bags of the moment and all the other bags that will catch my eye when i walk into any store between now and august.  this will take strength and determination.  i will not fall prey.  i will be strong.

so, what are we talking about exactly??  how do you buy a classic bag (or one that’s sure to be a classic in your closet)?  for starters, take a chill pill.  just get comfortable with the fact that handbags, like shoes, are the most vulnerable to trends.  it is impossible to evade the possibility that a bag will eventually roll out of style.  but if you are judicious, you can have a long ride on the first wave and also catch the second wave when it comes back around.

to do this, my second tip is to avoid conspicuous branding.  to be sure, branding from the oldest and the best houses (hermes, ysl, chanel, etc.) will not quickly render the bag out of style, but descretion is still advised.  branding can really cheapen and date a bag.

my third tip is to buy a camel bag with the shape/size/handles that are most comfortable for you.  what do you carry when you shop??  strap length and size are so personal they cannot be generalized.  so, you are going to have to trust your gut on that.  don’t try something new when investing.  go with what you know in size, shape, handles, straps and you are more likely to end up with a bag you reach for day after day.  (i.e., don’t buy a tote if you abhor the arm-hang while shopping).

fourth, watch out for weight — reject out of hand any bag that is so heavy you feel like all you can put in it is a credit card and a feather because otherwise it breaks your arm off.  you will avoid carrying this bag forever.  so don’t waste your money.

finally, buy the best bag you can.  if you want to rely on it day after day, year after year, you are going to have pony-up and get out of your comfort zone a bit.  because you get what you pay for in this sitch.

great.  so now what??

here are some great looking options to get your shopping started in a variety of price ranges.

1.  zara braided leather bag, $159

2.  tory burch robinson textured-leather shoulder bag, $445

3.  mansur gavriel cammello bucket bag, $495 (available in march)

4.  mulberry tessie textured leather shoulder bag, $990

5.  mulberry bayswater textured-leather bag, $1500

6.  saint laurent hobo medium monogram bag, $1990

7.  valentino to be cool leather tote, $2275

8.  saint laurent sac du jour small leather tote, $3790

and, below are just a few picts to help you feel it in the streets. enjoy!



camel-handbag-stylebriefs-the-basics the-basics-camel-hermes-bag-stylebriefs






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