we are at it again…

west elm this thursday

west elm this thursday

we just can’t help ourselves. we love hanging out with buffy york of the style gathering and thanks to west elm at the summit here in birmingham we get that opportunity. this thursday all three of us will be at west elm each styling our own space  with things from our home as well as some fabulous items from west elm.

spring is in the air (i promise it’s coming just hang on a little while longer) and i don’t know about y’all but when that little hint of spring comes i want to surround myself with that feeling all the time including bringing it home. so this thursday we will show what we’ve found and offer ideas of how easy it is to incorporate items from your home and west elm to freshen up your home just in time for spring.

i’m really excited about my area.  my space is the dining room and as you will see thursday night, i’ve taken my grandmother’s china and given it a new twist. we don’t have the fancy dinner parties that our parents and grandparents had so my “good” china has just been sitting in my closet gathering dust so when i saw an opportunity to dust it off and really use it everyday i was thrilled.

now i don’t want to give too much away but caroline and buffy are bringing it. of course what’s a blogger gathering without food and beverages and the ladies from nourish will be there with some snacks and we will have a little something sparkly as well. so come see us this thursday at 7 and bring something from home that you’ve been wanting to use but just weren’t sure how. when you see all the great things at west elm, i know you will be inspired just like us.

check out the facebook page for the 411. we can’t wait to see you.

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