i interrupt this blog post for a public service announcemnt

i don’t know if it was the time change or the fact that game night went a little late the night before but sunday i was completely useless. check the picture out below. that’s me on our front porch when i got busted by my family.


so i moved it inside and started checking out netflix. i admit that i’ve come late to this party but yesterday being the total slug that i was, i wanted something “light” to watch so no orange is the new black or house of cards and let’s face it we’ve seen all the friends episodes a million times. but i’ve been hearing about this new show “the unbreakable kimmy schmidt”. when you first hear the concept you are going to go, “i’m not sure about that? sounds too weird”. i get it, that is how i was but when i saw that tina fey was one of the producers and writers i said, “what the hay? let’s give it a try”.plus i already was in full slug mode. what did i have to lose?

the show’s premise centers around 29-year old kimmy schmidt’s adventures as she adjusts to new york city after her rescue from an indiana doomsday cult. the pilot opens with her rescue from the cult’s underground bunker.

lots of different stars that bring this show together. jane krakowski as jacqueline voorhees, a wealthy manhattanite who hires kimmy as a nanny. there is the mean stepdaughter of jacqueline xanthippe voorhees (how fabulous is that name?) jon hamm as reverend richard wayne gary wayne, the man who imprisoned kimmy in an underground bunker for fifteen years who were under the belief that she and her bunkmates had survived the end of the world. martin short as dr. sydney grant, jacqueline’s plastic surgeon. he pronounces his name as “franff”.

ok, so i hope that you are intrigued enough to go check it out. i’m only into episode 5 but netflix has ordered two seasons so at least i’ll get to stay on this band wagon for a while and i can’t wait to see where it leads me. so while it’s not age appropriate for the younger set because of the language i encourage you to give it a try. it is like reading us magazine or in touch magazine, easy on the brain when you are having one of those sluggish days.


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