culotte or not?

i busted out my culottes for the first time yesterday.  oh yeah,  i did.

and, i am not going to lie. . .

i felt self conscious.

and then my husband started making jokes. . . but he ALWAYS makes fun of EVERYTHING i wear (his favorite sport, to be sure, but always in a loving “can’t i tease you?”  kind of way.).  that he teased is nothing new.  but this time i felt vulnerable.  and i am a bold, unflinching “earlier adopter” of fashion that strikes my tastes. and yet. . .

so, i am torn.  i honestly think they look great in all the pictures i see.  i get the practicality – easier than a skirt for running around. they are modern.  they were comfortable.  they are perfect for this spring weather.  they grab that 70’s groove that is so hip right now.  i have embraced so many trends and styles from the 70’s without hesitation.  so, why the hiccup???

d/k.  i think i need a moment to absorb.

in the meantime, i have hooked you up with some fab culotte options in a variety of prices, some street style picts to inspire, and some runway shots from the spring 2015 collections to help you feel the vibe.

but tell me, what do you think???  culotte or not???


1.  zara culottes, $59.90

2.  zara high-waisted culottes, $79.90

3.  j.crew cropped patio trouser, $89.50 (sold out online but available in store)

4.  club monaco oriel pant, $99 (marked down from $149.50)

5.  cos wide leg cropped trousers, $125

6.  elizabeth and james presli crepe culottes, $325

7.  tome (one of my favorite brands!) cotton sateen culottes, $585

8.  theory gera suede culottes, $675 (as seen below)

9.  the row phene shantung culottes, $990





celine spring 2015 . . .




the row spring and pre-fall 2015 . . .




veronica beard spring 2015 . . .




delpozzo spring 2015 . . .


calvin klein collection spring 2015 . . .



theory spring 2015 . . .



photos courtesy of

© caroline gidiere 2015





  1. kimpcole says

    I’m with you ~ I love how culottes look in pictures, but I’m not sure I can carry them off with confidence!

    • stylebriefs says

      Kim!! I am going to try them one more time, and then they may end up in the giveaway pile!! It’s tough! Maybe I need a chunky pair of heels to make them work????

  2. Alison H says

    I like them! They’re like a more structured gaucho pant, which I LOVE. But I can never find those anywhere so maybe I’m in the minority there too.

  3. Catherine Lyons says

    Caroline, I bought some leather ones from Worth New York in the fall and wore them several times, even to a Christmas party with a fuzzy sweater. In my opinion, you HAVE to wear the right top with them. And, it helps if you are tall and skinny (2 things I’m not) but I like them anyway.

    • Caroline Gidiere says

      Catherine!! You are always so chic AND ahead of the game! I know you looked gorgeous as usual!!! I am glad to know you like them and are wearing them! It gives me the confidence I need to rock the ‘lots one more time! xo, cg


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