it has been said before

this past weekend, i started going through my spring clothes in an effort to fill up another   thred up bag as well as start thinking about what to pack for spring break. plus it gives me an opportunity to see what i need (want)for the new season

as i was going through my clothes i came across this. i blogged about it here. what surprised me is how much i’ve seen it this spring. now, don’t get me wrong. i wore my mesh sweater a lot last year. honestly i wore it so much that i ended up buying the white version when it went on sale but i didn’t think it would become a classic like the white blouse that it would return again but what do you know.

so the point is if you didn’t get on the mesh band wagon last year go for it. i’ve hooked you up with a few pics of where i’ve seen the mesh trend/classic at some great price points. each item is below 100.00.


tell us what you think!!!