#frf . . mark d. sikes

mark d. sikes has taken the design world literally by storm in about five years flat.   while others may toil away for years seeking meager notoriety, mark, a virtual “no one” some five years ago, has since seen his personal residence twice published in three years, once in house beautiful (see the story here) and once again after a major re-design in veranda (see the story here).  mark developed his design chops over the course of two decades by first starting out in retail visual merchandising for banana republic and gap stores.  he worked his way up the ranks to eventually helm the store’s visual impact strategy.  he entered the design world when he transitioned to head pottery barn’s visual merchandising and marketing and help overhaul the brand.

lucky for us he decided to take his talent to the streets, opening his own design firm and starting a design/fashion blog (follow here). and, when he did that, he quickly set the world on fire with his impeccable eye for both fashion and design.

and avid devotée of his blog, at this point, i am not sure where mark’s tastes end and mine begin (i am pretty sure that is a clear sign of a clinical swf sitch).  what i mean is, if mark sikes likes something, even if i wasn’t on board before, i find myself justifying why i now like it, too.   i mean.  i honestly feel like i am back in seventh grade and mark is the cool girl and i am the chubby girl with braces and glasses (did i just reveal too much about myself??) who tries to pretend like she coincidentally came up with the same idea. snl’s girlfriends talk show is a perfect metaphor with mark playing kiera to my morgan except that, it’s actually way worse in real life because mark sikes does not claim to be my best friend.  or even, like, know me.  at all.

today’s #frf is mark’s bedroom.  i think this could literally be the most beautiful bedroom ever.  and, i am not really picky about which version, before or after, they are both equally lovely.  i’ve included pictures below from the way the room was at the house beautiful photo shoot and then later at the veranda photo shoot.  i think the shade of blue is just heaven and incredibly soothing, two adjectives that are perfect for bedrooms. the mix of textures and the play between formal and casual work together to nestle the room squarely into a place of relaxed elegance — where we can all feel comfortable and inspired.

martha and i are off next week for spring break.  we’ll be back monday, april 6.  in the meantime, check out mark’s portfolio here follow mark’s blog at markdsikes.com. 


photos courtesy of house beautiful and veranda

mark-d-sikes-bedroom-veranda-stylebriefs mark-d-sikes-bedroom-veranda-stylebriefsmark-d-sikes-bedroom-veranda-stylebriefs

mark-d-sikes-bedroom-house-beautiful-stylebriefs mark-d-sikes-bedroom-house-beautiful-stylebriefs mark-d-sikes-bedroom-house-beautiful-stylebriefs

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